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Play with Your Dog!

The more I train, the less serious I am about it. (Cue sound of wallets closing … clients running to Google, entering “serious dog trainer” in the search window.) “Does this mean that you don’t care about our dogs having safe, polite, reliable behaviors?” No, of course not! I love safe, polite, reliable behaviors. What […]

Love for your Reactive Dog

There’s a saying that’s been making the internet rounds lately: “Your reactive dog isn’t giving you a hard time, he is having a hard time.” It is an apt summary of what’s going on when our dogs freak out at the sight of dogs, men in hats, skateboards, or any one of a number of […]

Holiday Hazards and Hints

It’s the middle of the winter holiday season, and guests are coming to your home. Fido’s freaking out, and the children are in chase. What to do?! Let’s look at some holiday challenges, and ways to address them. JUMPING ON GUESTS The front door! Exciting things happen at the front door, and it’s often more […]

Can you be with me?

This is a question that I ask my dogs when we walk together. Drawn to the sights and scents of the great outdoors, they often seem to forget that they have a walking companion at the other end of the leash. I don’t ask them to walk at a competition-quality heel. What I do ask, […]

Loudoun Pet Expo 2016

Joyful Dog is coming to the Loudoun Pet Expo! We will be at the Expo from 10am – 3pm so bring your canine friend(s) and stop by our tent to meet and greet the Joyful Dog team. Explore some great gear for connecting and chilling with your dog, look over our display, and get acquainted […]

Cookie Hearts Annie

This image is soon to be on the cover of the 2016 Loudoun Pet Expo program! Here are a few rambling notes about cover girls Cookie and Annie, and the moment captured in the photo. Fluffy on the outside, and steely on the inside, Cookie Cocker captured my heart during a volunteer dog walking shift at […]

Love the Leash!

You’re happily walking down the path with Mr. Woofers, enjoying the sun, the breeze, the smells… All of a sudden Mr. W. catches wind of a wicked good scent! Off he goes, pulling the leash taut, threatening to dislocate your shoulder. Dogs pull on the leash because it works. They’re not being stubborn, but are […]

Of Cobblers, Cookies, Choices and Connections

Are you familiar with that old saying, that the cobbler’s children always go barefoot? The cobbler (shoemaker) is so busy making others’ shoes that he has no time to make them for his own children. It’s not quite that bad at my house, but I’ll confess that often the responsibilities of running a business get […]

Permission to Pet?

One of the ways we humans like to engage with our dogs is through touch. We cuddle our Corgis, pat our Pinschers, and hug our Hounds. Not all dogs like to be touched however, at least in the ways that are so natural to us humans. It’s polite and comfortable for people to walk directly […]

Fun! It’s What’s for Breakfast.

What do folks buy when they get a new dog or puppy? Why, a leash, collar, and bowls for food and water, of course! Keep that water bowl, but ditch the food bowl, and begin making mealtimes a festival of training and enrichment for your pup. With 60% of his brain given over to processing scent, […]

Meet Us at the Farm April 23 and 24!

Happy people, happy pets, and Joyful Dog LLC will all be at Great Country Farms’ Dog Days this year. But it really won’t be a party without you! Tune up your best Trick for a Treat, and sitting skills to compete in Musical Sit… all part of the Doggie Olympics! Bring your canine friend(s) by […]