Fear-Free Hallowe’en!

It’s almost Halloween!

Stores are full of adorable dog costumes, from the traditional hot dog to pumpkins, bumble bees or even cats! It hard to resist picking up a cute outfit for your dog to wear. Many dogs will find the attention fun, but remember being dressed up can be stressful for some dogs and the extra noise and excitement can also be scary for them.

Of course, your dog is an important part of your family and it’s fun to involve them in your Holiday celebrations. If they find dressing up stressful – why not photograph them against a holiday background?

Here’s a poster with some great tips from the folks at FearFreePets.com to help you and your dog have a Happy Halloween! Find a printable version here.

p.s. Joyful Dog trainers are Fear Free certified. Let us know if you need any additional help creating Fear Free holidays.