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In this time of social distancing, connect with your dog and our trainers in our online consultations. Thanks to technologies such as live streaming video and teleconferencing, and tools including FaceTime and Zoom, Joyful Dog is uniquely situated to guide you and your best friend. We help prepare your puppy for a fulfilling life with you and your family, and teach new skills to you and your adult dog. We bring our experience and training working with reactivity, fearfulness, and aggressive behavior to help you address canine challenges.

Have a fabulous dog who’s getting bored staying in the house and yard? Create a freestyle routine using basic skills and your favorite song.

Would rainy day games keep your kids and dogs entertained? Let’s turn your rec room into an ad hoc agility course using things you already have in the house.

Are you dreading that leash tug of war once you’re out and about again? Build leash skills in your house and yard with our favorite Love the Leash™ games!

Let this time of distancing become one of enhanced connection with your canine best friend.

We at Joyful Dog know that the challenges we’re experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic are not only social, but are also financial. With this in mind we are offering our online consultations at a 20% discount off our normal prices Through May 31, 2020, and can make timed payments available through Square.

Let us know how we can help you and your dog!
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Joyful Dog classes here…
Connection, Cooperation, and Control™ … Online!
Create mutual connection with your dog, while you develop cheerful cooperation.

Joyful Dog classes at YDF
Basic Manners
Tue Apr 28-Jun 9, 7-8
Build a bond while your dog learns valuable skills like Come, Sit, Wait, Leave It, and loose leash walking.

Adolescent Dog Class—Surviving “Teen Years”
Tue Apr 28-Jun 9, 5:45-6:45
Start teaching your adolescent dog basic good manners; learn how to deal with typical adolescent challenges; and practice training exercises to help prevent future fear and aggression issues.

Looking ahead, we will be offering our popular Love the Leash course online soon! Stay tuned!