Marnie and TTouch changed my shelter dog’s life!  Ben was an exceedingly anxious dog who seemed to be perpetually stressed, even in the calmest environment.  I was referred to Marnie by a trainer that Ben and I were working with after my vet ruled out any physical causes for Ben’s behaviors.  Marnie worked with us diligently for 6 weeks, teaching us about different strokes, hand positions, hand pressures, wraps, and balance exercises.  I was able to take and implement these techniques at home immediately, and the results have been nothing short of astonishing!  Implementing just two 15-minute sessions daily, along with some time spent in a wrap each evening, Ben has stopped many of his obsessive, repetitive (and annoying!) behaviors outright.  His stress levels are visibly reduced, and he is significantly more receptive to training and attentive to me in general.  He truly is a completely different dog!  I can’t thank Marnie (and TTouch) enough for what she has done for Ben and me!