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Gentle handling

Seminars and Workshops for Dog People

Ask us about bringing a seminar or class to your organization.

Group classes offered throughout the year.

Learn ways to help your dog (and you!) become more comfortable with veterinary handling and grooming, as we introduce techniques to help your dog become a willing participant in his own care. We’ll explore:

  • Mani-Pedi Time: Help for those pesky nail trims.
  • Weight Watchers: Getting Fido onto the scale.
  • A Visit to the “Spa”: Washing, clipping, and brushing your dog’s coat.
  • Alternatives to Biting: Teach your dog a new way to say “no, thank you” when he needs a break from a procedure.
  • … and much, much more!

Join Joyful Dog
as together we work toward a

Contact us for more information.


You’re going away?

Turn your dog’s stay into a vacay, with Training and TTouch® from Joyful Dog.

Learn to sit at doors? Refrain from jumping?

Joyful Dog brings its force-free techniques to enrich your dog’s time at Seneca Hill Animal Hospital, Resort & Spa. We’ll work with you to create a plan based on your dog’s needs, and coordinate with resort staff who’ll make sure that the good behaviors we’re working on are reinforced throughout your dog’s stay.

New games and play to stimulate the brain?

Nobody loves play more than we do! We can introduce your dog to foundational skills for sports or obedience, and create mental challenges that use your dog’s natural instincts.

A little extra lovin’ for a nervous dog?

Tellington TTouch® techniques can help to soothe and calm.

Get in touch with the trainers at Joyful Dog to discuss your dog’s needs, and to ask about our special Seneca Hill pricing.

For more info phone 703-554-2384, or email us.



Fear Free Certification
We’re proud that Joyful Dog lead trainer Marnie Montgomery is a Fear Free certified professional.

Contact us to ask about how we can help you and your pet become more comfortable with vet visits and grooming.

Let’s keep this year free of fear!

Reactive Rovers
Does your sweet dog turn into a lunatic at the sight of dogs, skateboards, or delivery vehicles?

We can help! Joyful Dog offers private training and workshops for reactive dogs and their people throughout the year. Contact us for more information.