I have known Marnie since early in her Tellington TTouch® training, and have enjoyed watching her progress over the three years of her training. I am impressed by her dedication to building her skills in applying all aspects of the Tellington Method – TTouch, the Playground for Higher Learning and the philosophy, as well as studying other methods that help us understand our canine companions. Her charm and ability to share knowledge mark her as an outstanding teacher, trainer and communicator.

The transformation of Marnie’s own dog, Flim, is noteworthy. His behavior changed from the highest level of agitation and stress during their first training with me, to a dog who was a confident partner to Marnie during her final presentation to her classmates — required to become a practitioner.

As an apprentice practitioner Marnie collaborated with a fellow apprentice to develop half and full-day practice sessions for TTouch students to build their skills between trainings. This collaboration continues now that they are full practitioners, as Marnie’s business, Joyful Dog, brought a TTouch confidence course to Loudoun County during Great Country Farms’ Dog Days event. Practitioner Jamie Guffey traveled from Pennsylvania to work with Marnie and with TTouch students to introduce dog lovers and others to the benefits of thoughtful movement, as well as to the body work and wraps that are tremendous tools for well-being and behavioral balance for our dogs and other animals.

Marnie’s individual and group work with puppies, dogs, and their people encompasses TTouch techniques in harmony with other force-free training methods to help her clients build transformative relationships with their companion animals.