What is Rolling Registration?
Rolling Registration means that once your puppy has completed the first round of shots, you can start our class as soon as we have space.
So, what is a class term then?
Your puppy’s term starts with their first class, and goes for six consecutive weeks, finishing on the sixth class.
What if we miss a class?
We hold your spot for you, and don’t give your spot to anybody else, so if a class is full, even if somebody who “owns” a spot doesn’t come, we have to count it as one of their classes.
That said, we know that things happen. We do our best to provide a makeup class for those who want them. We can do this if we know that a spot is available. Spaces are available if the class isn’t fully enrolled, or if somebody has given us notice that they will have to miss well in advance of class. We let those who want a makeup know if a spot has come available.