Puppies and Pooches: Resources

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Inspiration to get you started on your puppy’s or pooch’s training!

Articles, Blogs, Podcasts:

The Dog Trainer
Jolanta Benal’s “Quick and Dirty Tips” podcast provides sound advice on a broad range of training topics. The podcast is accompanied by text transcriptions, so you can read or listen as you like.

Eileen and Dogs
From articles on the science of behavior, to heartfelt essays on life with her well-loved dogs, by author Eileen Anderson. Eileen has written an excellent downloadable puppy book in collaboration with trainer Marge Rogers entitled “Lessons for my Puppy”.

Michael Baugh: The Control Myth
A moving essay on relationship with dogs.

Suzanne Clothier Articles
Clothier’s thought-provoking training articles reflect a life well-lived among dogs.


Kikopup YouTube Channel
Emily Larlham shares her extensive video library of training tips.

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