Cookies with Cookie!

Celebrate how much fun training can be at both ends of the leash. Come to Catoctin Pet Eats and Treats between 11 and 1 any day this week, September 29-October 3, to join Cookie Cocker as she learns new tricks! Bring your questions about how we train, and see how much a dog can learn when training is a game. Joyful Dog trainers Susan Sanderson and Kim Miller will join lead trainer and founder Marnie Montgomery throughout the week. Susan brings the sharp skills reflected by her experience as a Masters Level Agility competitor. Kim’s powers of observation and ability to “diagnose” and address difficult behaviors were developed and honed through her 35 years’ experience with Loudoun County Animal Services. Marnie is a Tellington TTouch® practitioner, bringing its unique combination of bodywork and movement to balance dogs physically and behaviorally. All have trained extensively with Pat Miller, and are committed to continuing their education and experience through seminars and workshops with such well-known trainers and behaviorists as Patricia McConnell, Susanne Clothier, and Kathy Sdao.