Marnie has been a great ambassador that dogs can be trained using positive reinforcement methods, as opposed to submission or fear based training techniques. Dogs that are relinquished to rescue groups such as ours have often been turned in because the dogs were not behaving “properly”. Almost always, this was because the owners did not take the time to train their dogs, or used out of date methods which can be counterproductive.

Therefore, we are very particular about what types of trainers that we can recommend to our foster families. We never want to set up our adoptive dogs for failure – and the training done at Joyful Dog by Mamie and her staff ensures that both the dogs and owners start off on the right paw!

Ms. Montgomery sets a high standard in this regard. Not only do we refer clients to her, but she also volunteers at various local events to give free advice to dog owners. This is the second year that she will be at our annual Capitol Area Bichon Bash – we asked her back because many of our patrons took time to let me know how much they appreciated her time and advice to them. I have been organizing the “Bash” for 7 years now, and she is the first dog trainer we have ever requested to come back.

Ms. Montgomery and Joyful Dog are a true asset to our community. And we are thankful for the great work she has done for our organization.