Puppy Pickup and Catoctin Kindergarten have Rolling Enrollment!

Many people take their puppies to the dog park for “socialization” once they meet the minimum age, generally four months. For some puppies this is a wonderland of exploration, and a great solution. For more puppies and even older dogs, however, it’s a scary setting in which they learn to fear other dogs, and eventually may act aggressively in an effort to distance themselves. More robust puppies and dogs may learn to act in ways that we’d rather they not, becoming over-aroused quickly in a play session, and losing the ability to regulate their own behavior.

In our class setting your puppy will practice good interactions with other puppies when off-leash. If a puppy is a bit “too much” for another puppy he will have a little time out to lower his arousal level. If a puppy finds it all quite overwhelming we will help him feel safe, and help him build confidence with play at his own speed and level of comfort.

When on-leash your puppy will learn to focus on you, and on the fun behaviors that he will be learning.

Beginning in October puppies can join week-at-a-time Sunday afternoon Puppy Pickup classes—at Seneca Hill Animal Hospital, Resort & Spa— just as soon as they’ve completed their first round of shots! What this means is that they will have the opportunity to learn to be happy around other puppies and people at a young age, as we carefully manage introductions and interactions in a fun and gentle class environment. Just register by Wednesday for a Sunday pickup starting in October.

To start at Seneca Hill today, register for our final rolling registration Puppy Kindergarten classes in August and September. Start any Saturday that your puppy has completed the first round of shots.

Catoctin Puppy Kindergarten at Catoctin Vet’s Pet Eats and Treats opens on October 8, and has rolling enrollment through the end of the year. Begin your six-week term at Catoctin whenever your puppy has completed the first round of shots, and graduate when you and your puppy have completed your six weeks of classes.

Read about our puppy classes here, and use our online registration form to sign up!