Lisa Spencer

Lisa Spencer is an assistant trainer at Joyful Dog, and the owner of Positive Perspectives Dog Training.

Lisa’s own wonderful dog Maggie was the reason that she initially decided to become educated about dogs. Maggie was very anxious about life in general, but – with the proper training – overcame many challenges and is now happier than she ever has been.

Lisa is a member of Pet Partners and has been associated with Therapy Dog International. She studied several levels of Pat Miller’s Peaceable Paws training. During Levels 1 and 2, Lisa deepened her understanding of the ways that dogs learn, and had the pleasure of working with a shelter dog prior to adoption. She was also able to make great progress with another very fearful dog. In the Level 3 Advanced Behavior and Studies course, Lisa was able to learn more about the science of canine behavior and hone her training skills.

In the past year, she has continued her professional education by attending two key seminars: “Strategies for the Modern Trainer” by Ken Ramirez and “Sociability versus Aggression” by Sue Sternberg.

Peggy Bowers

Sundogs trainer and behavior consultant Peggy Bowers is a life-long animal lover who has seen first-hand the results of gentle and positive training. In 2005, Peggy started volunteering with the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation (LDR) as a foster and later become the LDR Puppy Foster Coordinator and an Adoption Counselor. As a foster specializing in pregnant and nursing dogs, Peggy and her husband successfully raised more than 500 puppies in their home, many with their mothers. After years of watching tens of thousands of wonderful dogs come through LDR and shelter partners, her desire to place dogs in loving homes became a compelling drive.

Unfortunately, many dogs lacked basic training and many owners were taught to use harsh aversive methods that either caused dogs to shut down or become aggressive. Through many heartbreaking experiences, Peggy learned that making dogs adoptable was really only half the game – keeping families together was just as vital.

“Sundogs” was born in 2014 to meet that vital need. After much study and research on positive training methods and its benefits, Peggy chose to study under world-renowned trainer, author and behavior consultant Pat Miller at Peaceable Paws Academy in Fairplay, MD. Peggy earned her Pat Miller Trainer Certification – PMCT2 after successfully completing 4 academies, including aggression and advanced behavioral modification.