Is there anything more fun than a puppy?! This multi-week Puppy Kindergarten class will give you the tools and techniques to begin a lifelong journey of discovery as your new puppy builds confidence around other people and dogs in a fun and gentle environment. To sign up for classes use use our online registration form.

You will learn about:

    • Important stages in your puppy’s development
    • Effective techniques for teaching your pup what you’d like him or her to do in a variety of situations
    • Preventing problem behaviors from starting

We’ll  have fun and games for confidence-building, and skills that your puppy will begin to learn include:

    • Attention and focus
      Your puppy will learn to be connected to you, even when there are other puppies and people.
    • Enrichment
      Includes brain games and scent activities
    • Socialization and confidence-building
      Off-leash puppy play and gentle challenges such as exploration of novel objects or surfaces
    • Introducing a behavior such as:
      • “Stay”
      • “Drop” (for an object the puppy shouldn’t have)
      • Come when Called
      • Walk Nicely on Leash
      • Accepting handling for vets and husbandry.
      • A trick or two!

Puppy Kindergarten at Seneca Hill and Hamilton has rolling enrollment for a six-week term, which means that puppies from seven weeks old to five months may sign up at any time that they have completed their first round of shots, and as long as they remain current on shots. For information on the benefits of early socialization, read this position statement by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.


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